Enhancing Higher Education Reform in Ukraine


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2016 Proposal No: 178 –12/19/2016


Project Title:            Enhancing Higher Education Reform in Ukraine 

Organization:           NGO “Ukrainian Educational Research Association”

Project Manager:      Olena Fimyar, Partners in Education program, 2002

                                    Natalya Horuk, Edmund Muskie Graduate program, 2004

                                    Oksana Koval, UGRAD alumna, 2011


Amount Requested:  $12,800

 Project Description:

 The proposed project’s goal is to promote reforms in Ukraine’s higher education system through enhancing academic professionalism of university faculty and researchers, and exploring contemporary trends in fostering and disseminating knowledge.

The project will begin with development of a website to promote a Summer Research School (SRS, August 2016), and serve as a platform for collaboration for project participants. Thirty SRS participants -- mid-career university faculty members, young researchers, and graduate students - will be selected through an online selection process. Preference will be given to participants from relocated universities and regional educational institutions.


The SRS training program will consist of:

  •  A general presentation on organizations/agencies that provide global statistics and research data, such as  the UN, World Bank, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD);
  • A brief overview of leading  peer-reviewed scientific journals, and Ukraine’s minimal presence in these global data resources;
  • Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) techniques;
  • OECD’s research methods, standards, and innovative data analysis tools;
  • How to seek funding (including grant opportunities provided under the Erasmus Plus and Horizon 2020 programs) and get published;
  • Academic writing sessions;
  • A ToT module.


Upon return to their regional universities, 30 summer school graduates will develop and conduct follow-on training sessions at their home institutions, reaching an estimated 600 young educators and researchers.

 In addition, the project includes:

October – November 2016: A series of webinars for participating universities on practical issues of data analysis and practical applications.

February 2016: A UERA conference, conducted in cooperation with America House Kyiv, will bring together 100 educators and researches from all over Ukraine, as well as Ministry of Education representatives, to discuss Ukraine’s integration into the global academic research community, and to develop a practical plan aimed at adapting TALIS instruments for further use in Ukraine.

All project materials and resources will be available on the UERA web site, as well as participating universities’ Facebook pages and web sites, and other online media.  

Project Duration:  June 2016 – May 2017

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