The Toledo Guiding Principles on Teaching about Religions and Beliefs in Public School translated inton Ukrainian

The practical experience of the European Union countries in the field of studying religions and beliefs, defining the place and role of faith, religious education, and moral and ethical principles gave rise to the formulation of new conceptual foundations for teaching religious disciplines in educational institutions. The document that regulates this area of education, the Toledo Guiding Principles on Teaching about Religions and Beliefs in Public Schools, deserves special attention of modern researchers.


On November 24, 2023, the round table was held at the National University "Chernihiv Polytechnic", where the results of the project "Sustainable University: a model of development in the post-war period", funded by the European Educational Research Association (EERA) and the Ukrainian Educational Research Association (UERA) were introduced. Scholars,  researcher, professors and students of different levels took part in the round table.

UERA Summer School 2023: on the Way to Inspiration and Resilience

Thanks to the support of the European Educational Research Association, on August 6-12, the UERA members gathered in the magical Vorokhta to support each other, get inspiration and become more resilient.

During this unforgettable week, the participants of the UERA Summer School of Resilience did not just learn the basics of trauma-informed teaching and research, but also had the opportunity to do yoga, dance and create aesthetic products using decoupage and weaving techniques.