UERA Summer School 2023: on the Way to Inspiration and Resilience

Thanks to the support of the European Educational Research Association, on August 6-12, the UERA members gathered in the magical Vorokhta to support each other, get inspiration and become more resilient.

During this unforgettable week, the participants of the UERA Summer School of Resilience did not just learn the basics of trauma-informed teaching and research, but also had the opportunity to do yoga, dance and create aesthetic products using decoupage and weaving techniques.

The participants of the First UERA Run realized the value of physical activity in maintaining physical fitness and emotional balance.

Sessions on healthy eating and body practices made them think about how taking care of nutrition and body can help reduce stress, anxiety and improve the quality of life.

The Summer School has become a platform for professional development of the teaching staff of higher education institutions, as evidenced by the following certificates   

Video about the Summer School in English

Video about the Summer School in Ukrainian