War stories of UERA members

On 25 March, Oksana Zabolotna, President of UERA, addressed the Council of the European Educational Research Association with a presentation on the situation in Ukraine. She presented it through the prism of stories of UERA members living in different regions of Ukraine. The report presented the results of the survey of the association members.


The board meeting was attended by representatives of associations from 38 European countries who expressed a position on the war in Ukraine and discussed the proposal by the Estonian and Lithuanian educational research associations to apply a value-based approach to the Russian and Belarusian associations. The demand was that these organisations should express their attitude to the situation and if they approve of Russia's invasion of Ukraine or are neutral, should be suspended from membership of the European Educational Research Association.

After a difficult long discussion, the EERA board members decided to issue an official document unequivocally condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the atrocities that the Russians are committing on Ukrainian territory. This document should be signed by all member associations and if they do not do that, they should suspend their membership themselves.

The presentation with Ukrainian subtitles is here.